We found 43 related news headlines from major crypto publications from the last 4 weeks. We scanned all headlines for: Maker (case sensitive), MKR (case sensitive).
24 Hours 1 Headlines
Crypto Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger Raises Most of $109M Round: Bloomberg text CoinDesk: 10 hours ago Maker
7 Days 6 Headlines
Market Maker DWF Labs Emerges as Top Crypto Investor text CoinDesk: a day ago MakerInvesting
MakerDAO passes new 'constitution' to formalize governance process text Cointelegraph: 3 days ago DAOMaker
Lending Platform MakerDAO Approves ‘Constitution,’ Moves Forward with ‘Endgame’ Plan text CoinDesk: 3 days ago GamingDAOMaker
MakerDAO Maintains Trust In USDC Despite Depeg Debacle text NewsBTC: 4 days ago USD CoinUSDAOMaker
MakerDAO votes to keep USDC as primary collateral, rejects 'diversification' plan text Cointelegraph: 6 days ago USD CoinUSDAOMaker
MakerDAO Votes to Retain USDC as Key DAI Reserve Amid SVB Crisis text Be in Crypto: 6 days ago USD CoinDaiUSDAOMaker
4 Weeks 36 Headlines
Stablecoin Issuer MakerDAO Votes to Retain USDC as Primary Reserve Even After Depeg text CoinDesk: a week ago USD CoinUSDAOMaker
MakerDAO’s emergency proposal triggers 26% MKR price plunge text Crypto.News: a week ago DAOMaker
Security Breach at Bitcoin ATM Maker: General Bytes Closes Cloud Service Amid Vulnerability – Here's What Happened text CryptoNews.com: a week ago BitcoinMaker
Hot Wallets Exploits Push This Crypto ATM Maker To End Cloud Service text NewsBTC: a week ago Maker
Major Bitcoin ATM Maker Hacked, Over $1.5 Million In BTC Stolen text Bitcoinist: a week ago BitcoinHacks & TheftMaker
Market Maker DWF Labs Invests $20M in DeFi Liquidity Protocol Synthetix text CoinDesk: a week ago MakerSynthetixDeFiInvesting
Maker passes first vote to increase U.S. Treasury bond holdings to $1.25B text Cryptoslate: a week ago Maker
MakerDAO passes proposal for $750M increase in US Treasury investments text Cointelegraph: 2 weeks ago USDAOMakerInvesting
Is 65% Maker (MKR) Price Increase a Sign of Things to Come? text Be in Crypto: 2 weeks ago Maker
How MakerDAO Intervened, Saving DAI From Depegging text NewsBTC: 2 weeks ago DaiDAOMaker
MakerDAO Weighs Using Emergency Switch to Prevent Future DAI Depegging text CoinDesk: 2 weeks ago DaiDAOMaker
Pfizer Closes $43B Acquisition Deal with Cancer Drug Maker Seagen text Coinspeaker: 2 weeks ago Maker
Top 10 Biggest Crypto Gainers Today: SNX, FIL, MKR, RNDR, STX – Find Out More Here text CryptoNews.com: 2 weeks ago FilecoinMakerSynthetix
MakerDAO surge following new proposal on stablecoins text Crypto.News: 2 weeks ago DAOMaker
DaoMaker’s Degen Zoo Builds The Abandoned Logan Paul Game in 30 Days text Brave New Coin: 2 weeks ago GamingMaker
Makerdao Issues Emergency Proposal to Address $3.1B in USDC Collateral After Stablecoin Depegging Incident text Bitcoin.com: 2 weeks ago USD CoinUSMaker
MakerDAO urgently requests proposal to mitigate risks to protocol amidst USDC depegging text Cryptopolitan: 2 weeks ago USD CoinUSDAOMaker
Maker DAO files emergency proposal addressing 3.1B USDC exposure text Cointelegraph: 2 weeks ago USD CoinUSDAOMaker
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