We found 21 related news headlines from major crypto publications from the last 4 weeks. We scanned all headlines for: China (case sensitive).
Today 2 Headlines
Bank of China to Pilot Test e-CNY Smart Contracts for Education text Coinspeaker: 5 hours ago China
Bank of China unveils new e-CNY smart contract test program for school education text Cointelegraph: 22 hours ago China
This Week 2 Headlines
Tencent Shuts Down China NFT Platform Citing Increasing Scrutiny text Be in Crypto: a day ago NFTChina
With Accelerating China Issues, What Is Bitcoin’s Place In Macro? text Bitcoin Magazine: 4 days ago BitcoinChina
This Month 17 Headlines
ByteDance Pays $1.5B for One of China’s Largest Private Healthcare Chains Amcare text Coinspeaker: a week ago ChinaChain
China’s Cyberspace Administration issues warning on promotional cryptocurrency material text Cryptoslate: a week ago China
Baidu Secures License to Operate China’s First Fully Driverless Robotaxis text Coinspeaker: a week ago China
China and Taiwan’s Potential Economic Impact, Bear Market Warnings, and FC Barcelona Metaverse News — Bitcoin.com News Week in Review text Bitcoin.com: a week ago BitcoinMetaverseBear MarketChina
The Great Wall: Why China’s Central Planners Can’t Handle Bitcoin text Bitcoin Magazine: a week ago BitcoinChina
Taiwan Vs China: What Effect Does Crisis Have on the Price of Bitcoin? text Be in Crypto: a week ago BitcoinChina
Bitcoin falls short of $25K as US, China tensions over Taiwan grow text Cryptoslate: 2 weeks ago BitcoinChinaUS
China Bank Account Freeze Controversy: Authorities Reveal Latest Reimbursement Plan, Three Officials Now Under Investigation text Bitcoin.com: 2 weeks ago ChinaInvesting
Official explains why China CBDC should not be as anonymous as cash text Cointelegraph: 3 weeks ago China
China Promises Privacy Protection for Digital Yuan as Adoption Spikes text Be in Crypto: 3 weeks ago China
China to respect privacy of digital yuan users, eyes more adoption text Cryptoslate: 3 weeks ago China
Targeting the US Dollar’s Hegemony: Russia, China, and BRICS Nations Plan to Craft a New International Reserve Currency text Bitcoin.com: 3 weeks ago ChinaUSRussia
Social Media Users Deride China’s Reported Use of Military Tanks to Intimidate Protesting Bank Customers text Bitcoin.com: 3 weeks ago China
What China’s Alarming Financial Crisis And A Strengthening US Dollar Means For Bitcoin text Bitcoin Magazine: 3 weeks ago BitcoinChinaUS
China Cybersecurity Regulator CAC Fines Didi $1.19B for Data Security Law Violations text Coinspeaker: 3 weeks ago Laws & RegulationChina
Elon Musk: Tesla Sold Its Bitcoin Because of COVID Lockdowns in China text Decrypt: 3 weeks ago BitcoinElon MuskChina
Bitcoin mining difficulty expected to see largest drop since China ban text Cryptoslate: 3 weeks ago BitcoinChina
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