We found 54 related news headlines from major crypto publications from the last 4 weeks. We scanned all headlines for: Central Bank (case sensitive), FED (case sensitive), central bank, ECB, cbdc.
Today 2 Headlines
Colombia to Consider Launching Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) text Coinspeaker: 7 hours ago Central BankLaunch
Colombia to Introduce Central Bank Digital Currency: Tax Agency Chief text Decrypt: 21 hours ago Central Bank
This Week 7 Headlines
US Fed Opens Pathway for Crypto Banks to Tap Central Banking System text CoinDesk: a day ago Central BankUS
President of Central Bank of Brazil Disagrees With ‘Heavy Hand’ Regulations for Cryptocurrencies text Bitcoin.com: 2 days ago Laws & RegulationCentral Bank
Crypto needs ‘enabling environment,’ Philippines central bank says text Cointelegraph: 2 days ago Central Bank
Crypto Trading, Investing Illegal in Iran, Central Bank Governor Reiterates text Bitcoin.com: 3 days ago Laws & RegulationTradingCentral BankInvesting
Central Banks can safely invest in Bitcoin with BlackRock’s Bitcoin Private Trust; says DCG Founder text Cryptoslate: 5 days ago BitcoinCentral BankInvesting
Philippine Central Bank Halts Bitcoin, Crypto Service Provider Approvals For Three Years text Bitcoin Magazine: 6 days ago BitcoinCentral Bank
Philippines Central Bank to Halt Applications for New Virtual Asset Firms for Three Years text CoinDesk: 6 days ago Central Bank
This Month 45 Headlines
Thailand Plans to Tighten Crypto Oversight, Giving Central Bank More Powers to Regulate Digital Assets text Bitcoin.com: a week ago Central Bank
Nepal’s Central Bank Set To Issue Digital Currency text Crypto.News: a week ago Central Bank
Bitcoin Is Money. Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Not text Bitcoin Magazine: a week ago BitcoinCentral Bank
Nepal Looks to Launch Digital Currency as Central Bank Approves Study text Be in Crypto: a week ago Central BankLaunch
Bitcoin Gets Praised For Its Technical Features By The Chief Of Brazil’s Central Bank text Bitcoinist: a week ago BitcoinCentral Bank
How Central Banks and CBDCs Could End Democracy text CryptoNews.com: a week ago Central Bank
Central Bank of Brazil Director Praises Bitcoin as a Financial Innovation, Talks Programmable Digital Real text Bitcoin.com: a week ago BitcoinCentral Bank
Nigerian Currency Recovers Versus US Dollar — Central Bank Says Importers Must Repatriate Forex Earnings text Bitcoin.com: a week ago Central BankUS
Soaring Inflation Puts Central Banks on a Difficult Journey text CryptoNews.com: a week ago Central Bank
Thailand CBDC Pilot Could Commence Later This Year According to Central Bank text Be in Crypto: a week ago Central Bank
CBDC Could Be ‘Holy Grail’ of Cross-Border Payments, ECB Says, Sees Bitcoin as Less Credible text Bitcoin.com: a week ago BitcoinCentral Bank
South African Professor Accuses Central Bank Official of Spreading Misinformation That Damages Crypto Industry text Bitcoin.com: 2 weeks ago Central BankAfrica
European Central Bank Hails CBDC ‘Holy Grail’ of Cross Border Payments text Be in Crypto: 2 weeks ago Central BankEurope
FED & FDIC Issued Cease And Desist Letter To Voyager Digital text Blockonomi: 2 weeks ago Central BankVoyager
Bitcoin, Stablecoins Can’t Solve Global Payment Woes, ECB Study Says text CoinDesk: 2 weeks ago BitcoinCentral Bank
ECB believes CBDCs are better than Bitcoin for cross-border remittances text Cryptoslate: 2 weeks ago BitcoinCentral Bank
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