We found 24 related news headlines from major crypto publications from the last 4 weeks. We scanned all headlines for: Africa (case sensitive).
24 Hours 8 Headlines
NFT industry in Africa and Middle-East poised for rapid growth text Cryptoslate: 7 hours ago NFTAfrica
Bitcoin Adoption on the Rise in Africa: A Discussion on the Lightning Network and Mining Technology – BitTalk #1 text Cryptoslate: 8 hours ago BitcoinAfricaMining
Paxful co-founder Ray Youssef warns of Ponzi altcoins at Africa Bitcoin Conference text Cryptoslate: 12 hours ago BitcoinAfrica
Bitcoin App Strike Launches Instant, Cheap Remittances To Africa text Bitcoin Magazine: 17 hours ago BitcoinAfricaLaunch
Report: South African Digital-Only Bank Launches Crypto Payments Gateway text Bitcoin.com: 17 hours ago AfricaLaunch
Strike partners with Bitnob to facilitate cross-border payments into Africa text Cointelegraph: 19 hours ago Africa
East African Bitcoin Miner Gridless Raises $2M Seed Round text CoinDesk: 22 hours ago BitcoinAfrica
African Bitcoin Mining Firm Gridless Raises $2 Million In Funding Round Led By Stillmark, Block Inc text Bitcoin Magazine: 22 hours ago BitcoinAfricaMining
7 Days 2 Headlines
South African Government to Add Crypto Entities to ‘List of Accountable Institutions’ text Bitcoin.com: 4 days ago Africa
South Africa Adds Crypto Businesses to List of Accountable Institutions text CoinDesk: 6 days ago Africa
4 Weeks 14 Headlines
CBDC Adoption In Africa: Do Risks and High Costs Outweigh Benefits? text Be in Crypto: a week ago Africa
International Monetary Fund Calls For Increased Regulation of African Crypto Markets, Says ‘Risks From Crypto Assets are Evident’ text CryptoNews.com: a week ago Laws & RegulationAfrica
Report: Luno Africa Says Customers and Operations Not Affected by Turmoil at Genesis Capital text Bitcoin.com: a week ago Africa
IMF calls for tighter crypto regulation in Africa as the industry unfolds text Cointelegraph: a week ago Laws & RegulationAfrica
BIS report finds uneven progress, differing motivations in African CBDC adoption text Cointelegraph: a week ago Africa
IMF warns Africa about the risks of its crypto adoption: “time to regulate” text Crypto.News: a week ago Africa
IMF Blog: Better Regulation of Africa’s Growing Crypto Market Urgently Needed text Bitcoin.com: a week ago Laws & RegulationAfrica
IMF: the African crypto market needs regulation as it keeps growing text Crypto.News: 2 weeks ago Laws & RegulationAfrica
Proof Of Resilience: Financial Freedom Through Bitcoin In Africa text Bitcoin Magazine: 2 weeks ago BitcoinAfrica
Ripple Partners With Africa-Focused Remittances and Payments Firm MSF Africa text Bitcoin.com: 2 weeks ago Africa
FTX Collapse: African Crypto Industry Leaders’ Perspective and Advice to Regulators text Bitcoin.com: 2 weeks ago FTXAfrica
LBank Labs Establishes Blockchain and Crypto Investment Fund in Africa text Be in Crypto: 2 weeks ago AfricaInvesting
FTX Collapse: Africa-Focused Payments Firm AZA Finance Slams ‘Erroneous Inclusion’ in FTX Bankruptcy Filing text Bitcoin.com: 3 weeks ago
LBank Labs Establishes Blockchain and Crypto Investment Fund to Support the Development of Web3 in Africa text Bitcoin.com: 3 weeks ago
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